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First, Second Cycle Degree programmes, summer school and other courses.
Aula Alberti 14
Alberti 14 lecture hall

According to its competences, the Departmet approves a three-year teaching plan and sends it to the “School of Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Sport Science” and to the “School of Arts, Humanities and Cultural Heritage”. Together with the other interested Departments, it proposes to the Schools the constitution, activation, modification and closing down of the First, Second and Third Cycle Degree Programmes, as well as vocational training courses.

Degree programmes
First cycle and Second cycle degree programmes

Summer Schools & Courses
Summer Schools & Courses directed by the professors of the Department

Spazio ZoneModa
SpazioZoneModa is a space dedicated to active and comprehensive dialogue on the many initiatives carried out by the First and Second Cycle Degree Programmes on Fashion (workshops, seminars, events, lectures, conferences, one-day discussion groups, exhibition preparation, laboratories), communication and documentation on teaching and research activities that characterize the Programmes.

UNESCO Chair "Culture, Tourism, Development"
In the spirit of sharing knowledge and humanism which the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Campus of Rimini, has been fostering for over 900 years, the UNESCO Chair – in strict collaboration with the Scuola Superiore of Touristic Sciences (SSST) – has joined the UNITWIN network, which belongs to UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair “Culture, Tourism, Development”, Université Paris 1, Panthéon Sorbonne.

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The Campus Counselling service can help you choose a learning programme. It caters for high-school students, recent school-leavers, university students (those on the verge of graduating and those who have just done so).
Student Administration Office
The Student Administration Office runs the bureaucracy pertaining to students enrolled on Rimini Campus Degree Programmes from registration to graduation.
International experiences
All the opportunities of studying abroad or, if you are an international student, spending part of your learning programme at Rimini Campus.
Last Minute
All last-minute information on-line in real time. Last Minute is a direct link between teachers, students and teaching secretariats. Real-time updates on changes to place and time of office hours, exams and lessons.