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Notebook 2016

Editor Roy Menarini


Monographic Essays
Wessie Ling, Korea vs Paris: There Is No Fashion, Only Image
or How to Make Fashion Identity

Federica Maria Marrella, The Female Representation in
Advertising Campaigns. The Democratic and Italian Female
Body in Dolce and Gabbana. Years 2010-2015

Federica Muzzarelli, The Photo Booth and the Automatic
Photographic Portrait from Criminal and Pschychiatric
Certification to Imaginary Escape

Ines Tolic, Selling Mr Architect. How the Modern Shop
Transformed Domestic Architecture and Urban Landscapes

Zone Moda Exhibitions
Ines Tolic, edited by, Bodyscapes: the Body and Its Landscapes
from the 19th to the 21st Century

Celebrity Culture and Media Mutations
Antonella Mascio, The Subject of Food in Media Products: from
Television to Online Celebrities (and Back)

Roy Menarini, Old Is New: Notes about Carrie Fisher and
Harrison Ford as Vintage Celebrities in Star Wars: The Force
Awakens Reviews

Sara Pesce, “I Wear Pasolini”. Icon-men, Fashion Branding
and the Intellectual as Celebrity

Silvia Vacirca, Monica Vitti, a Pop Diva

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