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Laboratori di ricerca
Research Lab

The challenges of Wellbeing. Scientific areas which may seem unrelated - pharmacology, medicine, sport science and the humanities – expand their borders to include quality of life issues. A quality based on health and on the effective interaction between organism and body within psycho-social and symbolic-cultural relationships.

Research Areas and Projects

Research Areas
Research projects divided by area.
Disciplinary-scientific areas
List of all Disciplinary-scientific areas (SSD) to which Professors and Researchers belong.

Research Centres

IRC-GloCEd | International Research Center on Global Citizenship Education
The growing interest surrounding the idea of global citizenship, beyond the extension of the concept of citizenship from the national to the global level, has an inherent cultural, ethical and political value and, by implication, educational significance. The recent “Global Education First Initiative” (GEFI), launched by the secretary of UN Ban Ki-moon in September 2012 has set fostering global citizenship as one of the three the priorities.
Culture Fashion Communication – International Research Centre
The ”Culture Fashion Communication – International Research Centre” originates to strengthen and give new development perspectives to a network of scholars and experts, who have been studying for several years the phenomena linked to the fashion system, consumer goods and lifestyles with an innovative interdisciplinary method.

Research laboratories

VARLAB: virtual reality and augmented reality lab
The VARLAB laboratory is the result of a ongoing collaboration between the Department for Life Quality Studies and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering aiming at designing and building distributed and immersive environments to experiment with virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

Book Series and Journals

Book Series and Journals of the Department
Publishing projects of the Department.

Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships
Research Fellowships awarded by the Department.

Related Topics

CIRI - Advanced Applications in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Technology
Is the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research of the University of Bologna, which works in the filed of advanced applications in mechanical engineering and materials technology.
Spazio ZoneModa
SpazioZoneModa is a space dedicated to active and comprehensive dialogue on the many initiatives carried out by the First and Second Cycle Degree Programmes on Fashion (workshops, seminars, events, lectures, conferences, one-day discussion groups, exhibition preparation, laboratories), communication and documentation on teaching and research activities that characterize the Programmes.
UNESCO Chair "Culture, Tourism, Development"
In the spirit of sharing knowledge and humanism which the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Campus of Rimini, has been fostering for over 900 years, the UNESCO Chair – in strict collaboration with the Scuola Superiore of Touristic Sciences (SSST) – has joined the UNITWIN network, which belongs to UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair “Culture, Tourism, Development”, Université Paris 1, Panthéon Sorbonne.
LINC - Outdoor Learning for Integration through Natural and Cultural Encounters
The project aims to: Develop methods to increase opportunities for integration for newly arrived immigrants through nature and cultural encounters and Educate the communicators in Outdoor Education to broaden their skills and give them the opportunity to reach this group in a more effective manner. Partners: University of Linköping (Sweden), University of NOVIA (Turku, Finland), University of VIA (Haarus-Horsens, Denmark) and University of Bologna (Department for Life Quality Studies).
Unibo Research
For the Alma Mater, research is a central pillar and a fundamental lever for competition and employment, as demonstrated by its widespread commitment to a range of initiatives and activities.