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Library and Student Services

Campus Library
Rimini Campus Centralized Library

Rimini Campus offers many services during the students’ studies from admission to graduation. Its Centralized Library meets teaching and research needs of Schools, Departments and Degree Courses belonging to the Campus.


Loans, reservations, renewals, bibliographic research
Books, journals, articles, search engines
About 45.000 books, on-line and paper journals and magazines, databases that can be accessed at the library and through University intranet.
Direction to the library
Staff, contacts, directions to the Library

Book Series and Journals of the Department

Cultures, fashion and society
The book series is not only addressed to fashion scholars but also to people who are interested in new forms of reflection involving the study of fashion and its social mass phenomena.

Student services

Public Relations (URP) - Rimini Campus
The Public Relations service seeks to soften the first impact with our University.
The Campus Counselling service can help you choose a learning programme. It caters for high-school students, recent school-leavers, university students (those on the verge of graduating and those who have just done so).
Foreign Students Desk
The centralized Foreign Students Desk provides a welcome, information and guidance for international students opting to study at the Rimini Campus
ICT laboratories and PC Rooms
The Rimini Campus has 5 ICT laboratories reserved for students enrolled on Rimini Campus degree programmes and 2 PC Rooms which all Bologna University students may use.
CLA - University Language Center
The University of Bologna offers different ways to improve and develop your knowledge of foreign languages, which along with computer proficiency, is an adaptable skill that all students need to have regardless of their course of study.
International Relations
All the opportunities of studying abroad or, if you are an international student, spending part of your learning programme at Rimini Campus.
The University of Bologna offers its students and graduates the opportunity to carry out internships in businesses, public institutions and professional firms.

Related Topics

Rimini Campus
To be updated on everything happens in the Campus
First Lesson
On the first day of all degree programmes, a First Lesson will explain Campus online information and services, and how to use them.
Studenti online
The online students reserved area that allow you to complete a number of procedures during your university career: from enrollment to graduation.
All facilities on the Rimini Campus are covered by University WiFi. The AlmaWiFi service is designed for students, teachers, technical and administrative staff and accredited guests of Bologna University.
Last Minute
All last-minute information on-line in real time. Last Minute is a direct link between teachers, students and teaching secretariats. Real-time updates on changes to place and time of office hours, exams and lessons.