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Scientific Goals

Strategic focus of the Department’s research

The research fields of the Department as a whole give particular importance to an approach focused on health prevention in order to better meet the needs of a society experiencing an increasing life expectancy, which, however, must not be considered simply as a quantitative increase. The main objective, as underlined also by the EU, must be  “to add life to years”.

What becomes crucial is the issue of life styles which are not merely “conservative” or exasperatingly “spectacular”, but creative (for example sport and fashion): ways of behaving by which the individual, given the opportunity to acquire a critical self-awareness, is able to appreciate, define and communicate his or her identity.

Thematic priorities of the Department are therefore the fundamental disciplines that can be included in the “Life Sciences” (and that pertain to the biological and chemical fields) able to take advantage of new and emerging research opportunities regarding the individual’s health and prevention. In this way scientific foundations are laid for protective/preventive actions able to fight major wellbeing pathologies also in a gender perspective.

In this perspective it is crucial to reclaim the educational and vocational potential in those spheres of life that are becoming increasingly relevant in our society - generically referred to as “leisure time” - and are mostly the object of market-oriented rather than applied and scientific research.

The very distinction between free time and productive activity tends to dissolve. The inceasing value of off-work activities go beyond “rest” and “relaxation” towards a comprehensive growth of the individual and social relations.

It is clear how all these issues are pertinent to the specific vocation of the Rimini area, whose economy is based on tourism and which constitutes a sort of ideal laboratory for such research.

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