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Ruffi-Briolini Palace
Department entrance

The Department’s main thematic core regards the broad field of the Quality of Life. By Quality of Life we mean a complex element which considers wellbeing in terms of «the emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual state which allows people to reach and maintain their personal potential in society» (European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies 2010)


About us
Quality of Life for an equilibrium between Organism, Body and Culture
Scientific Goals
Strategic focus of the Department’s research
Distinctive Features of Research
The distinctive features of the Department’s research
For whom we are conducting our research
The economic-professional realities with which the Department can first and foremost collaborate


Department Staff
Information regarding Teachers, Technical and Administrative Staff, and Research Fellows


Head of Department
Head of Department and Deputy Head of Department
Department Board
Members of the Board
Department Committee
Members of the Committee
Administrative and Management Officer
Administrative and Management Officer of Department


Department premises
Rimini Campus main headquarters and other premises where the Department teaching activities are carried out.